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What Happened at KBRT?

Great question! As so often happens in this world of corporate decisionmaking, KBRT radio was approached by a new client who wanted to buy our half hour spot and the spot before ours as well.

From what we have been told by KBRT, this was strictly an "economic" decision. The funny thing is, we were given no opportunity by the station to alert our listeners to the change, so you can imagine the confusion among our listeners.

So, is there still
a radio program?

Absolutely! What this change has allowed us to do is take the program world-wide by creating a LIVE, one-hour Internet broadcast of the show. Now, the program airs live on Wednesdays at 6:00pm Pacific Standard Time and you can simply click on a link to hear the program. You can also still call in and join us in the live discussion.

Thanks to the support of our listeners, who we constantly thank God for, we are now able to reach around the globe with the truth of the Preterist view.

To learn how easy it is to receive the live program on your home or office computer, simply click here for the simple three-step instructions on how to hear Beyond the End Times live over your computer. Many find the ability to listen to our program live over the Internet a unique and exciting experience. We think you will, too! Also remember, there's an extensive archive of past shows as well.

What about the need
for support?

Support for this ministry comes through the blessings of others as God moves on the hearts of His people to give. Our vision for this ministry includes such tasks as someday publishing a Preterist Bible (with a detailed cross-reference section), Writing a Systematic Theology from the Preterist View and continuing to write articles, author books, sponsor conferences and debates, and in the near future, become a nationwide syndicated Christian talk show on conventional radio.

Your gifts make all these plans possible and we treat them very seriously. We know that every gift sent to this ministry was prompted by God and must be carefully guarded and used for the purpose of bringing glory to the name of our great God and His Christ.

So onward we go in the grace and strength of our Lord and we ask that you continue to support the efforts of this ministry. The stakes are high and the task is anything but easy. Beyond the End Times is growing and expanding its reach around the world thanks to you. We simply ask that you prayerfully consider walking beside us in our mission and we will continue to be faithful to that call.

What about the tape ministry?

For those individuals who can't listen to the program on the Internet for whatever reason, we will still be offering taped recordings of the shows to those who would like to receive them.

Please note, however, that you can still call in to the show over the phone and participate live in the actual Internet radio program just like before and we encourage that interaction. We'd love to continue to hear from our callers. For more information about calling the show live, click here.

Thank you for your continued support and we will continue to challenge the Church to return humbly to the Word of God and hold it as the final court of arbitration in all matters.

Ken Davies
Host of the Beyond the End Times Radio Ministry

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